Riverside: To buy $70mil Building, And Consider Closing Court House In Temecula?


What the!!!!!

So here we go again, seems every time big purchases are in the planning, residents and employees take the hit. City of Riverside Is planning to buy the Press Enterprise building for $70mil and all of a sudden Temecula takes a hit.

What’s crazy is the word ‘CONSIDERING’  as if its a tester for public response. yep considering to close the Temecula Superior Court House.

Then to top it off here we go with the layoffs of up to 11 or more code enforcements.

You might remember a while back when the County was enforcing massive layoffs, I mean 100’s were laid off! we lost experienced and well trained Officers, Hemet took a major hit as well… during the time of an up to $270mil dollar jail expansion was in demand, including a $170mil unfinished radio system still not fully functional.. and that too is expected to cost millions more to finish.

So here’s the Joke!

Riverside County is Hiring up to 500+  more Officers….Since that is the case, why did they even layoff in the first place?

And why not rehire most of those they laid off?

And what about the County Employees?

The loyalty looks good from far, but far from good on my opinion.

And now there’s the Measure A coming up, well I say if they can afford all of the above, then scratch measure A off! But what do I know I’m just an average struggling Riverside County Resident

dealing with pan handlers in every step I make, Hint Hint..



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