Temecula: Deputy Bruce Pierson “Thank You”

Temecula, CA: Deputy Bruce Pierson was called out to check on a female whom appeared to be suspicious, after contact it was discovered the young 18-year-old had been...

Riverside: RPD Requests Help in Identifying Individual Involved in a Double-Homicide

The following video displays a person that the Riverside Police Department believes as involved in a double-homicide that occurred in Riverside's Eastside neighborhood on October 23, 2015....

Temecula: Police Officer Accused of Beating 64-year-old Man Faces Misdemeanor

According to Patch.Com A San Bernardino police officer Jesse Lee Shank, 41, of Menifee has been charged for the alleged Aug. 31, 2014, attack,  Shank remains free on a $3,500 bond. The...

Why Activists Receive So Many Praises Across The World

If you think for one moment that these brave individuals would not rather be home with their families, your wrong! Countless hours, days, months, years have been taken...

Parents Find Needle In Halloween Candy

Chester County, Penn. According to reports someone put sewing needles in Halloween candy. If you have any information please contact any law enforcement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rP15YkClIk

Temecula animal sanctuary seeks public’s help

An animal sanctuary in Temecula is asking for the public's help in finding temporary homes for more than 200 animals as they facilitate their move to a...

Temecula: High School Student Severely Injured


Temecula: What It Costs To Run This great City Or How To Make a...

According to a Popular Website Transparent California The City Manager was making upwards up to $300,000 with the Assistant City Manager just trailing. The data was collected back around...

Temecula: Save Former Principle Mrs. Hayes (Video)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOZfhq1gPXU?feature=player_detailpage]
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